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HPL Audio is exclusively Chris_Himself from Head-Fi, all cables are now produced in-house!

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The audio community exists within a world of uncertainty, where each week the newest product promises untold gains. We face uncertain days with new cables with questionable metallurgy and buzzwords thrust upon us like never before in the history of home hi-fi. Not all headphones are created equal. Not all cables are created equal. I started making custom OCC audio cabling for the Head-Fi community to cause a flash point where the only line between performance and bogus is knowledge. The individuals who spend their hard earned money on headphones demand the last 10% in their home audio equipment. I have to honor that with every product that I put my name on.

HPL Cables come ready for duty, and built to stand up to rigorous use that is required to keep enthusiasts engaged in their music in a way they could never acheive with a factory produced, thin, often flimsy factory cable paired with the latest $1000+ headphone. 24AWG wire with the industry best insulation is standard, as well as a solder with the highest allowable silver content integrated into every connection. Every cable is built air-tight, and performance gains in the form of deeper extension, expanded soundstage, and increase mid-range energy are realized immediately.

Plain and simple, my stuff is ready to impress wherever it is called upon to perform. If you are looking for a headphone linkage that meets these requirements, then OCC is the solution.


Superior Materials

Since 2011, we've been using nothing but Ohno Continuous Cast wire which is fully smelted fresh virgin ingots. This includes very hard to source wire with expensive buy-in and large minimum order quantities.

Other companies will make you pay a very stiff premium to have OCC metals on your headphones, but they will be standard on every model of cable and interconnect that we build at HPL Audio alongside friendly service and fair prices to keep our customers happy and well-equipped.

We have also switched to an extremely specialized toolset to mitigate the risk of putting out anything imperfect with using more simple and crude solder sets and wire strippers. This is very noticeable once you get under the cables. Even customers with little to no soldering experience will notice the very clean and precise attachments of metal to metal connections. As always, our cables are braided and terminated by hand here in sunny California. We never use machines or buy pre-braided wire.

People Make the Difference

If you have a few minutes please take the time to meet me. I am committed to providing you the highest level of customer service that you’re going to find anywhere.

Don't hesitate to e-mail me directly and ask any questions you might have. I am well versed in the world of custom, handmade cables, and I have been a more than avid member of the audio community so you will feel right at home. No question is unimportant to ask. I want our customers to be well informed before they make their purchase and to know they are getting exactly what they are looking for.






Featuring OCC wiring from the best manufacturing facilities on the planet, HPL Audio is proud to be one of the industry leaders in the field of performance-driven, luxury, high end cables for IEM and headphones as well as interconnects to guarantee seamless, lossless transmission between audio gear. Step into some of the best cables humans can buy and standby while perfection is enroute to you.

OCC wiring is a standardized process of metallurgy that results in material with a superfine grain structure that is uniform so we can ensure that results are not only superior, but consistent. Whilst conventional wiring which may produce a cable that sounds different from another made by the same hands, the Ohno Continuous Cast method of production yields more usable product out of a single ingot at higher quality than almost any standard headphone production facility would have access to. It can only be worked by human hands under strict protocols to fully respect the science of sound.

Wait time is approximately 1-2 weeks and all cables are proudly produced 100% in-house in the USA.


I compromise nowhere in the process, and each cable is guaranteed perfect down to every strand. Perfect starts at the source, and ends with handbuilt craftsmanship with tools any enthusiast would consider objects of pride.


All wire is now uprated to 24AWG (0.5mm) from 26AWG (0.4mm) at no additional cost. Thank you for all the support!

Our Manufacturing Philosophy
HPL Audio Cables are engineered, machined, and handcrafted for performance. At our company, it's all about the product. We strive to make the very best high grade, high performance cables, at a reasonable price and delivery, using our own innovative designs, superior components, and old fashion hand craftsmanship.

Making the right decision about a high-end cable is not easy. There are many competitors offering a slew of choices. You make the right choice by picking the manufacturer whose philosophy best fits your needs. Our cable manufacturing philosophy rests on 3 pillars, upon which we have built our success upon.

Engineered for performance
HPL Audio is well-known for our innovation and excellence in building cables of superior performance. We broke all the rules, and started with OCC wire, to build the best cable regardless of price. Every part has been redesigned, enhanced, or more closely toleranced for one thing: Performance. Only the finest materials are called for to meet my specifications. In most cases this means ordering wire with huge minimum orders at great expense to myself. My customers are gold to me and deserve nothing but the best.

Each handmade cable consists of a custom configuration. Years of experience and testing have gone into these specific configurations, each having been extensively tested under a wide variety of conditions to ensure performance. My cables are used in on-stage, at home, on the go, and for personal enjoyment by thousands of people, many of them audio professionals and industry experts. If you will depend on your headphones and IEM's as a serious tool, you don't have the luxury of experimentation. You need to know that your gear has been proven in the field with a strong track record. I feel there is only one way to reach perfection and attain confidence my product's reliability, and that is to build many cables exactly the same and test them extensively under a variety of conditions over time. This provides the highest degree of confidence and reliability attainable.

Precision hand-built in America
I've invested thousands into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specifically for the building of cables. You find the latest in soldering stations, Cardas Eutectic solder, precision tools, and fine testing equipment. It is this investment of resources that has made me one of the leaders in the field, and will keep us at the leading edge in the future. While competitors either outsource to the cheapest bidder, or buy generic mass market components that are readily available, HPL Audio refuses to compromise their quality and control. All of the main components my stuff is manufactured bespoke for me by the absolute industry leader in OCC wire, under direct supervision of people I trust with my reputation. This means that I have virtually complete control over the quality and delivery of the final product. None of our competitors can match this claim.

Hand-crafted to perfection
Often it's the little things that make the difference. The philosophy of most manufacturing companies is to make "good enough" parts that are interchangeable, and use cheap labor to assemble them with as little handwork as possible. HPL cables are different, and it shows. I go that extra mile by putting more hand fitting and finishing into my cables than any other manufacturer, resulting in some of the most attractive cables available anywhere at ANY price. It's another thing that separates an HPL cable from the rest. Each cable is carefully finished and inspected by myself before it leaves my facility. Other's say they've got it, but all you have to do is compare.